New protective airbag vest for bikers! More volume for more protection! More modern and discreet design.

  • 2 men's sizes and 1 single size female
  • Trigger speed: less than 80ms
  • Ranked 3rd in the SRA
  • Closing in front with a zip
  • Level 2 SAS TEC removable dorsal
  • Fully lined PORON XRD for maximum absorption and more comfort


The AIRSAFE airbag vest protects and prevents or reduces trauma in the event of a fall with ejection. Once inflated, the vest protects against shocks and slips.

The protection areas of the AIRSAFE vest are: the spine, cervical, tailbone, collarbone, ribcage, vital organs and soft organs (liver, pancreas, etc.).

The vest is connected to the bike by a strap that attaches to the saddle or frame.

Comes with its elastic connection strap, seat strap and 1 cartridge.

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Additional information


Homme et Femme


5 ans (sous réserve d’une utilisation normale, sans aucune modification et réparation du produit hors réseau)


1,5 kg (dorsale niveau 2 + Poron)



Matière intérieure

Mesh 3D Polyester (Respirant)

Matière extérieure

Cordura 100% Polyamide haute résistance (anti-abrasion)