Frequently asked questions.

The ALLSHOT airbag vest reduces the impact force caused by a choc on the inflated area and helps to decrease traumas.

However, the ALLSHOT airbag vest doesn’t exempt from wearing the necessary protections recommended for your activities or required by the law.

Absolutely not. Airbag is an additional protection.

Yes, the ALLSHOT airbag vest has been designed to be reactivated.  All you have to do is to reset and reposition a new cartridge as per the user notice.

However, in case of a motorcycle fall and a slipping, it’s strongly recommended to consult your retailer or the ALLSHOT Services to check the condition of the fabrics.

By following the storage condition detailed in the user notice, a cartridge can be stored for 5 years.

An annual check is recommended, checking the mass has not changed and the cartridge is neither rusted nor damaged.

In the slightest doubt, we you advise to contact your retailer or the ALLSHOT Services.

A minimum force of 25 kg is required for the key-ball to come off and the vest to inflate.

As a result, you will feel tied to the motorcycle or the horse. However, it is also possible to trigger it when getting off the horse due to the height of the animal and the length of the strap.

No. Nothing is to be worn over your vest. Any accessory or clothing worn over would coerce the vest and interfere with its inflation and its efficiency. Actually, it would severely compress your torso.

No. To preserve your vest, use a slightly moistened sponge with lukewarm water with no detergent, or using a soft brush. Dry well outdoors.

Never use a hairdryer, dryer, or any other heat source that speeds up the drying.

It is strictly forbidden to clean and moisten the mechanism.

Its average weight is 950g, according to the size. It has been designed to be as light as possible for the best comfort.

Imperatively close to an ALLSHOT retailer or on our website. For your safety we advise you to always have a spare cartridge, to avoid any use disruption.

It must be fixed to the back of the saddle according to the user notice.

By using the accessory sold and fixing it vertically to the seat.

No, during official events you are required to wear a BETA protective vest.

However, you can wear the ALLSHOT airbag vest on top of it as an additional protection, making sure that the size is not too small.